Freefalling (2016)

A prelude to Lights, a contemporary fantasy novella about Meira, a young fairy with a gift, and Niall, the human she has to save. Both are threatened by an invisible and powerful enemy, The Dark.
Freefalling focuses on Niall on Christmas Day, a few months before he and Meira meet for the first time.



Goodreads star star star star

Grey Days (September 2014)

A post-apocalypse tale of survival, class struggle… and coffee.



“Deroo’s skill shines through in Anna’s wit and sarcasm” 

Mad Ramblings

“Laced with an eerie and spooky tone, “Grey Days” paints a haunting picture of a future that isn’t entirely impossible.”

Elizabeth Barone  star star star star star

“It did a fabulous job in drawing me in so quickly”

Sister Sinister Speaks  star star star star star

Paper Ghosts (2013)

A rock&roll collection of short stories.

final artwork


“a simultaneously beautiful and haunting gathering of stories about love and love lost, ghosts from the past and ghosts you can’t touch”

Elizabeth Barone

” The music that Vanessa had you imagining enchants you as you read”

Rapid Reviewer star star star star star

“An entertaining, stylish debut”

Smashwords star star star star

“Paper Ghosts” is a light glimpse of what remains in our minds and hearts as we continue to live our lives

Online Book star star star




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