Brighton Tales, #2 – When It Rains

July 12th 2012, I think I have a bronchitis. Or the flu. Or that I’m just dying.

Anyway, my life in bullet points, here, now, for your eyes only.

  • The rain. Yes, I was well aware of the British Summer, but yesterday I actually experienced not one, but two apocalypses in three hours (with some torrential rain in between). Not good when you wear a skirt + flat shoes and you’re busy viewing flats and visiting temp agencies. It caught me near North Street. Carrie Bradshaw would have found shelter in Waterstones, glamorously surrounded by books and cute guys. I never made it to Waterstones. I spent 30mn in an off-licence instead, soaked up and miserable, chatting with the owner. Brighton 1, NYC 0.
  • Can flat hunting be counted as a proper job? The assistant in me did some magic on the phone yesterday. It’s like bikes, you think you lose the ability to cycle when you haven’t done it in ages, but truth is, it’s in your blood. Or something. 
  • Speaking of flats, most of the viewings are just me and the letting agent. No queue!! No people all ready with mountains of paper desperate for a flat! You hear that, Paris?
  •  ”You seem surprised! I just want to talk to you, after work maybe?” Oh, random guy on the streets, thanks for the kind words, but my mum once said “never talk to strangers”. Also, six years in Paris taught me that you’re either a pervert or you’re trying to sell me something. See, I trust people.
  • I really like Kemp Town.
  • I don’t understand the bus system.
  • I have a phone. “I thought you were British” said phone guy. Some people know how to talk to me.
  • I love Primark
  • More viewings today..stay tuned for the next tales!


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