Brighton Tales, #5 -14 Days, 2 Weeks.

Seems like I can’t sleep during weekends (seriously, body, 7.30? On a Saturday? *sighs*), so that’s a good excuse to write here.

Hello, lovely readers!

Two weeks in Brighton already! Time flies, literally. Things get quite funny (All I’ve been talking about this week was how annoyingly secure my bank was. Long story). The job is okay (In Dana’s words, I “survived the first week”) , not what I expected when moving here, but it’s okay. I still have to learn to be patient, it seems. Forever a work in progress.

The town is lovely. It’s kinda new to me, or should I say, I rediscover the benefits of a non-capital city : No metros, no rush, less crowded buses..Walking to work in less than 20mn. Going to the sea when I want to.  Breathing.

Everything is taking place. And then, in a few weeks, when I am sorted, I’ll start to write again.

Meanwhile, I’ll just babble about how amazing/breath-taking/beautiful The Dark Night Rises was last night. I mean, really.

Enjoy the sun, and be excellent to each other x



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