Brighton Tales, Weekend Edition

  • The sun is here, finally! Reading on the beach was amazing
  • My right side is sunburnt
  • Mockingjay is one of the most depressing books ever. (spoiler alert for the few ones who haven’t read it yet) I loved how smart it was, though. At first I wasn’t convinced by some facts (mainly Snow/Coin related), but I see now that is was better to go against expectations.Also really loved Katniss’s portrayal in the end, it makes her even more real to see that she haven’t overcame her trauma/issues. Love the ending, not the “happy ever after” kind. I wish more Young Adult books were like this. I like the fact that Suzanne Collins takes her readers seriously. No “cheesyness”. Real feelings, real ending. And now, I’m a total wreck. Maybe not the best time to read Portia de Rossi’s memoir.
  • Little decision made, but not really a surprise : giving up on the stories I’ve been writing since last year. I don’t feel excited about it anymore, and since a French TV show ( to be broadcast this fall) is really similar to my little short stories collection, I don’t think it’s necessary for me to continue. You may have noticed that I write quite regularly here though, meaning the fun is still here. I am inspired, too, inspired by the town, by my own feelings and thoughts…I need to put it in order now, for a real and solid story to emerge. (I can also apply to rewrite steamy romance books at H********. The future is unwritten).
  • Starbucks Macchiatos at £1. Thank you Morrisons.
  • My hosts (and friends) are pretty fun when they watch a movie together. Maybe I should write about them!


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