Brighton Tales, #6 – Set It Off

Just read that my fellow friends and amazing band King Of Conspiracy split up, after six years of noise, punk, DIY and a shitload of amazing gigs around the world. I don’t know if it’s because of the lack of sleep/work stuff/ or just me being sentimental, but I’m on the verge of crying now. Truly heartbroken. I am lucky enough to have followed them since (almost) the beginning, from crappy basements  to great support slots, on tour (with Blood Red Shoes), on cd (the EP “We”ll see if the arrogant last” is one of my favourite records ever), … Someone said on their facebook page that they changed the French punk landscape. It’s probably true.

DIY never dies, so check out their project, listen to No Flag Project, their another band, and support your local scene.

Ok, Brighton :

  • In case you’re not familiar with my twitter, I HAVE A FLAT. Slowly decorating it before moving in on Saturday. It’s big, bright and cute. And quiet. And cheap. (I HAVE A REAL KITCHEN NOW. AND A BEDROOM.)
  • Friends coming over next month. Better hurry up and find furniture.
  • Work is killing me. Still on training, but financial vocabulary/numbers and I aren’t on good terms. I love customer service (ie, talking with and helping people), but this “maths”side of the job takes all my energy away. Already wondering if it’s wise to carry on. Hello old habits.
  • Did I tell you that I was working with French people? Well, I am. They’re pretty nice (I know, that’s surprising), so that’s fun to work and learn with them.
  • Pub action with said work staff tomorrow night!
  • The sun makes everything better
  • Dying to write again


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