Brighton Tales, #7 – This is my House, This is my Home

Hey avid readers!

Just moved in my big awesome flat and now trying to decorate it/find some really cool furniture. I  think it’s going to take several weeks, but I’m pretty excited!

a sneak peek now :

This is the lounge, taken with my crappy webcam thingy.

Anyway, excitement all over the place, let’s bulletpoint it!

  • It’s hard to find matches and blankets here.
  • Not used to colleagues and bosses buying me drinks. I was a bit tipsy on Friday night.
  • I love British supermarkets
  • Spent 10mn today talking to one of the Lush guys. I love Lush.
  • I spend my free time on Pinterest and A Beautiful Mess. Home Decor Passion, yes
  • Seeing my friends in two weeks!!! :D
  • Jonah Matranga gig tomorrow! Hello London trip after work!
  • North Laine shops won my heart
  • Thinking about getting another tattoo, and about dying my hair again. Same story
  • Learnt that I can’t really change : Talked too much on Friday night, laughed too much, joked with everyone, geeked over sci-fi and comics with some colleagues, … Guess I just can’t be quiet. Deal with it?
  • I really need some chairs and a sofa.
  • Folk gig tonight!


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