Brighton Tales, #8 – Friday

Went back home in the most horrible mood tonight, and cancelled my plans with the work team. To be honest, there wasn’t much of a plan, just people drinking and dancing. Not in the mood, I said.

I’m better now, drinking hot chocolate and listening to Pedro The lion. Planning my home decor. Wondering if I should write my stories in French or in English (What do you think?). Wondering if I’m good enough for that job. Worrying again and again about stuff. How silly it was to think I’d be different in another country. We’re still the same, wrapped in the same shadows. Whatever we do, Wherever we go.

I should learn to get along with my own self. I really should.

  • Wrote some music related stuff, it was nice. You’ll read it soon, maybe.
  • Got my National Insurance Number appointment, AT LAST. 
  • Finished Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Boy last night. So good. So good.
  • North Laine action tomorrow
  • Maybe the sea. it helps me thinking. (True story).


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