Brighton Tales, #9 – Vs Electricity

Life in the UK is full of surprises. Like, a neighbour who talks to you and asks you out and all, leaving you scared and confused (“What does he WANT?” asks my French brain). Or bosses at work who bake cakes for their team. Or Breakfasts with the team. Or random secret gifts to send to the overseas team. Oh well, that happens in the real world, apparently.

The other funny thing here is how electricity works. And kids, let me tell you a story. The story of a bloody key meter.

It started on Tuesday. Like every morning, I was sleeping under the shower, when the worst thing on Earth happened : water got cold while I was washing my hair. Nightmare? It’s only the beginning, folks.

I think it’s the right time to confess that I’m a mess with practical things. Ask me to book a trip abroad for four crazy art directors, that’s done in a minute. But don’t ask me to set up anything for myself. It’s been three weeks, I’m still borrowing wifi because I can’t be bothered to call BT.

Anyway, back to business.

Tried to call my agency. “Sorry darling, I can’t tell where the meter is, try to call your supplier”.

Tried to call EDF (yes, these guys are everywhere). They didn’t understand that I *didn’t* understand a thing about their meters. You buy a key to put power for a month in your flat?! What?!Nevermind, WHERE IS THAT BLOODY METER.

Took me £15 to finally understand the (really patient) customer service guys. Andrew, Marie, if you read these lines, you are amazing.

The answer was : In the hallway, of course!  Vs Logics.

So, after a day and a half (with candles, cold showers and awkward phone convos during my breaks), I’ve finally been able to

  • set up a contract
  • buy a key
  • top-up the  key
  • ask my (lovely) neighbours how they dealt with that stuff (yes, I am THAT slow.)

Results : Hot showers are the best, baking a cake in a real oven is amazing, thank you God of Electricity, but next time, please set up this country with a proper meter and Direct Debit stuff and real bills and all. Thank you kindly.

The End.

(Next time, I’ll tell you how I find water in the nearest well)



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