Brighton Tales, #10 – London Edition

Third weekend in London since I moved into my flat, that’s quite sad. But last weekend was pretty special, because JOHNNY FOREIGNER VS LONDON 3 AND AFGHAN WHIGS IN LESS THAN 48H.

Hum, bullet points anyone?

  • Summer in London. So hot, nearly melted away
  • Johnny Foreigner were amazing as usual, and omg Bipolar Friends live, and Sofacore, and that American Football cover. Ghost cakes. marriage proposal on stage. Beach balls.
  • Which leads me to “drunk Veee, never again”. Ok I wasn’t that drunk, just  a tad tipsy (because of that evil cider, again), but I’ve been told off because I was too loud, and I nearly killed a guy with aforementioned beach ball. I’m just too French.
  • Hi Alice! Hi Sam! Hi Braden! Hi Mark-my-jofo-buddy! Hi Richard! Hi Karlie! Hi Lewes! Hi Patty! Hi Mike! Hi the-Pixies-fan-from-the80s! Veee, making friends since 1986
  • Danced and screamed on Beyonce’s Crazy In Love
  • Witnessed 3 fights in 2 hours. Karma.
  • Catching up with old friends.
  • Koko is a beautiful venue
  • Greg Dulli. Oh my. This man is so amazing, especially when he covers Radiohead. And Prince. I think I want to marry him.
  • Jumping with the crowd feels so good.
  • 66 live was amazing to watch.
  • I’m turning pro at missing encores due to trains to catch.

Normal service will resume soon.



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