Brighton Tales, #11 – Indoor Living

(Breaking news, I have the wifi in my lounge tonight- yay for being sat in a sofa instead of being in the kitchen. 21st century-style.)

Just caught-up with the Awkward episodes I’ve been missing. Stop messing with my heart Jake Rosatti, you can do better than that. Also, #teamSadie.

Ok,another amazing weekend in Brighton I need to bulletproof for your eyes only.

  • #Vortongbash was a massive success.
  • Still got some talent for air hockey. But Dana won. YOU GO GIRL.
  • Drinking on the beach at night, like the teenagers we once were. For the record, we’re pretty much all married, living with someone or with regular grown-up jobs now, but it’s all about the attitude, man.
  • Breakfasts at Kensingtons are the best breakfasts
  • I met Roliver.
  • I have some awesome friends who let me steal their dvds. Teen-movies marathons for life.
  • Speaking of, Whip It is great.
  • I have so much comics recos now, thanks to Ryan, and to some supernice guy I met not long ago.
  • See how subtle I am about me meeting new people.
  • Back to comics, I’m still not happy about the whole Superboy/WonderGirl/Red Robin thing.
  • I’ve been to the Marina FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.
  • Just realised I didn’t talk about my job. Key words : anxious, self-deprecation, things got better, fun, cakes.
  • Watching Bandslam tonight. Forever a 16 year-old.


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