Brighton Tales #12 – Fix The Sky A Little

Blink, and it’s September already. (actually, no, don’t blink). We celebrated it in style over here, with Pride and all. It was crazy and colourful. I can’t believe it’s my third month here. It feels like home.

Here are some news about my British life.

  • I have a room-mate! To be more specific, I have a friend who squats my messy lounge for a few months. This friend happens to be a writer, and you can read and buy his stories  here Hint : It’s pretty good. And he feeds me with Kit-Kat and Breaking Bad, which is also good.
  • Speaking of writing (the first reason why I moved, remember?), I’m going to spend the week  translating stories. Three stories. As I am the Queen of Last Minute, I’ve waited until the deadline to work on it. Started yesterday. Felt good. Twelve days left. Easy.
  • Room-mate and I also made a deal consisting in (figuratively) kicking my ass to write more.
  • I am a brunette again. It needed to be said.
  • I am reading Chew. I like it, and I’m a vegetarian. Expect a post soon.
  • If anyone spoils me the new Doctor Who, I swear there will be blood.
  • Almost quit my job today, I need to stop taking things too seriously.
  • The Bourne Legacy is not bad at all.
  • I also really enjoyed Jennifer’s Body (as part of my teen-movies marathon)
  • More Y The Last Man and more good things on Wednesday!
  • Sunsets in Brighton are the most beautiful sunsets.

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