Brighton Tales #14 – My Fictions

reading in the city, graphic-syle

It’s been a gorgeous week here in Brighton, I can’t wait to bulletproof it for you! Here we go…

  • I won the third place on a French short-story contest organised by Choliambe, a literary association! Which means, said short-story being published on an anthology by the end of the year. I’ve also been offered to send some texts for their monthly publication. No need to say I’m really happy about that! It’s fun, I sent the story in April, and then was convinced it wasn’t good enough to be picked…haha, confidence, much. Anyway, gives me wings to keep on writing – which leads me to my second point
  • I am co-writing…a comic-book. Yes. Blame my pal Dan (also known as “super nice guy” on this blog) for the idea! It’s really exciting at the moment – it’s all about emails and texts filled with ideas, and world building and character’s development. I love the early stages of writing stories, it’s full of good energy. I don’t know how long it’s going to take, but it’s a great challenge! Will tell more about  the story later, but expect an alternate universe, anticipation and witty characters (and probably a reference to Joss Whedon).
  • Speaking of comics, Chew is just so funny, witty and yes, gore. Check it out :
  • Seeing Motion City Soundtrack on Tuesday!!!! it’s time for a song, guys :
  • That’s all for now. But I have some surprises for you soon! (I’m such a tease)


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