Brighton Tales #15 – Stormy Weather

Back to business while the city turns into an apocalypse monster. I’m all for fall and rainy days, but not when the flat is a Southern version of Bronte’s Wuthering Heights… “May she wake in torment!” he cried”


  • Went to see Stephen Clarke at Waterstones tonight. He talked about his latest book “The Merde Factor”, life in France and other fun stuff such as “sanibroyeurs”. Funny guy. He also wrote sci-fi back in the days. Quote of the night : “This is how Parisians think : France is the centre of the universe. Paris is the centre of the country. Parisians are the core. Once you understand this, things get easier” So true.
  • Speaking of Waterstone,won a gift card at work. This store is likely to become my second house.
  • Still working on the grahic novel project! This is a call  : we are in need of concept art (yes we’re still hunting for the right artist!). If you wanna join the fun, email  me, and I’ll send the synopsis!
  • My best friend is getting married next week and I haven’t started to write my speech yet.
  • Now Is Good = the movie that made me cry like a baby in a busy cinema. 26, and almost human.
  • Should I take a creative writing course here or not? Serious question.
  • I have to wait till December for my Chew fix. How to deal with this?
  • My hair is purple now.
  • for those who ask for more pictures on here : I’ll do my best!

2 thoughts on “Brighton Tales #15 – Stormy Weather

  1. J’avais bizarrement jamais entendu parler de Now Is Good. Mais je te comprends : j’ai envie de pleurer rien qu’en regardant la bande-annonce. (Imagine Me & you, le précédent film de Ol Parker était vraiment bien aussi…)


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