Let England Shake : Geek Playlist #2

England is mine, I will take what I want

Late night confession : I have always been obsessed with British music. From the Spice Girls (my first favourite band ever!) to Blood Red Shoes (the best drum-guitar combo you’ll ever hear), from the one-hit wonders to bands that I’ll never forget, UK always provided the soundtrack of my life. I remember being the 13 year-old translating Placebo songs with an old dictionary, in the school library. I remember listening to them when I first came on the Island – yes, it was twelve years ago.  I remember being the 17 year-old picking the NME every week (and wow, that was expensive for us Frenchies). I’ve been the British Literature student who wrote essays while listening to Disintegration (I am still the one who decided “Pictures of You” would be my wedding song). I’ve been the one who read Jonathan Coe because The Smiths were a part of the story*- I still give my life to anyone who quotes “Bigmouth Strikes Again”.  I’ve been the one dreaming of Albion, the one dancing at discos, the one who always dreamt about living in England…

Here we are, now.

Let England Shake! is a part of my imaginary British life, before it went all real. (The Bonus Track is by The National, an American band, I know, but the song is too amazing to be missed).

Geek Pessimism #2 – Let England Shake

Enjoy the ride…Rule Britannia!


* Dwarves of Death, if you wonder. Go read it.


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