Brighton Tales #17 – I am The Movie

Saturday afternoon. Watched 50/50 last night, and I’m totally cool with my new “crying during movies” skill.  Becoming human?

New this week:

  • Went to France, put on my bridesmaid dress, laughed,cried, improvised a speech,danced a lot, laughed more, caught a train, then a plane, then another train,went back to Brighton. All in 33h. Impressed?
  • It took me 2 days to recover.
  • I also worked on a short movie! Yay for being a prod runner/tea girl/the girl who lies in a bathtub for the camera settings! Lovely and talented crew, and awesome times with Matt,aka director extraordinaire. You can check his previous work here : And keep an eye for “Love Ridden”…feat. my flat.
  • Don’t believe what people say: Looper is amazing.
  • I found a kind of geeky pub in Brighton.  The Globe (Middle Street, BN1 1AL) is a dream for us children of the 80s. I mean, Street Fighter on SNES. Super Mario Kart. DOOM ON A BIG SCREEN. They also run arty exhibitions. It’s all good.

(c) Emilie Mischler @

  • Zombie Walk is next week! Who’s coming? I want to know your plans.
  • I think I’m now a Brian K Vaughan fangirl (Y, The Last Man & Saga, so amazing). This guy is so talented it hurts. Also a master in storytelling/ punchline writing.
  • I’m still working on in depth articles to put on there. Maybe a new one next week?

Have an ace weekend, be excellent to each other x



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