Brighton Tales, #18 – Notes to Self

This week has been quite weird. Between my first freelance job (failed that one), my regular job ( results vs everything), and some harsh comments about my (lack of) writing discipline, it would be easy to hide in shame and cry my heart out. To be honest, that’s what I would have done several months ago, with chocolate and never ending calls to friends to keep me company.

Not anymore*.

Oh, I’m not saying I’m the new queen of self-confidence. Doubts are a part of me, and always will be. Never take things for granted, they say.

I have just decided a few things that might work. Eye-opening revelations now:

  • You don’t like my work? We discussed about it, we came with other solutions and it still doesn’t work? It’s fine. Sometimes you have to accept that, despite skills and all, things don’t flaw. It’s okay. I am not the greatest, but I am not the worst either. I have great skills, but I make mistakes, because I am human. I’m fine with that. So, next time will be better, I have a whole life to improve (despite what our modern culture says. No rush)
  • I don’t have a fixed writing schedule. I take notes, I read, I live. I am inspired. Sometimes I don’t write. Some days I would spend hours on my story. It depends. And I know I should be more regular, hence why I’m seeking advice from  writers. Writers, just because we don’t follow the same rules doesn’t mean I am a fake. I don’t see myself as a writer yet (see, self-confidence stuff), I just love writing and I want to improve. There’s space for everyone, stop freaking out people.
  • Taking things too seriously doesn’t do any good to me. It took me 26 years to understand, but better late than never! I am alive, I have amazing  friends, I am doing okay. If things go wrong, it can get better, always. Breathe, Veee. #protip5469
  • I have dreams, right? Let’s make them come true. I don’t care if it sounds lame. On my way.

Stay safe, and be excellent to each other, always

* I’ll keep the chocolate and the calls. I haven’t changed that much.



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