This is not Alternative Press : Geek Playlist #4

(This post goes to Ed over at Thanks for the idea, and don’t forget the club night)

Amateur. Slacker. Flannels and Dickies. Hal Hartley. Portland, Oregon. Jawbreaker. Trust.  Emotional Hardcore. Adrienne Shelly, Parker Posey, Empire Records. Matador. Merge. Rob Sheffield. Spin. Dischord.Michael Azzerad. Jade Tree.

This list could be endless. I was a bit young to fully embrace it, but the 90s underground culture in the US still fascinates me. I dream of a Martin Donovan lookalike picking me up to see Cap’n’Jazz in Chicago. I dream of a house in Olympia where I’d write A4 fanzines while listening to boys (and girls) screaming their hearts out on vinyls. I dream of a van and amps and touring the country. I want to get lost in Madison, playing bass in a band’s basement in New Jersey, and dancing madly during a Promise Ring gig (yes they reformed not so long ago).

Count Your Lucky Stars. Topshelf. Swerp. I’m glad there are still people out there who believe in heartbreaking lyrics, scorched voices and guitars. This list is for us, the over-sensitive punks who never grow-up. Enjoy, and be helplessly excellent to each other.


Geek Pessimism #4 – This is not Alternative Press



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