Brighton Tales, special edition – Reclaim The Night

My event of the week. Reclaim The Night, an anti-rape/sexual violence march organised by Brighton Feminist Collective, echoing the various marches around the country this month. Unlike the London march, this event was open to everyone, and I have to say I strongly support this idea. The message?  The street is ours. Women, men, transgenders, everyone, we all have the right to walk at night without feeling threatened, we all have the right to wear what we want and to walk on our own.

So we walked. We walked from the Station to St Mary’s Church. There were students, social workers, young people, old people, women, men,there were chants and cheers around the town (the stewards and stewardesses did a great job) and it was just so good. There was this great sense of community, empowerment even, and there were people asking about us and the march, and people looking by their windows, and everyone was so friendly…This is what I call success. To anyone asking “do we still need this?” : Yes we do. Maybe more than ever.

Be excellent to each other x



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