Brighton Tales -Long Story Short

Hey Geeksters.

Last week I’ve decided to take some time off the Mighty Internet to focus on writing and real life, which basically means me sitting in coffee shops and watching other people live while writing stories in my blue book.

Wow, that sounded less creepy in my head.

Anyway, for the 85 of you liking me on The Social Network, and the 19 of you following me here, don’t worry, I’m still here, cooking some great articles about comics, music, life and food. Yes, food.

Before that, I’d like to share a link with you. My good friend and former boss Jamie at Audio Antihero rds put some great tunes and artists together to help those affected by Sandy. It’s seriously good. Give what you want, what you can, and rock on!

Be incredibly good to each other, and I’ll see you soon xx

It’s beautiful and it’s haunting me.







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