Brighton Tales, #21 – Baby It’s Cold Outside.

Welcome to December! I think you missed my crazy stories, so it’s time to get back on tracks!

  • Remember when I was in love with my flat? The honeymoon is over, folks. IT IS  COLD IN HERE. So cold that I have to sleep with 2 extra blankets + comfy socks (that’s the TMI/no sexy part of the story). The joy of living in a flat without any insulation and only one convector for the whole flat! (Yes, I’ve bought some electrical heaters to avoid dying before Christmas). Of course, my agency hasn’t called back. I sense a “not our problem” response coming. Also, try to picture this: Me fixing curtains on the window with silver gaffer tape at 4 am because I don’t have any poles (and to be honest, I don’t know how to fix them. Forever the clumsiest kid). I’m your next comedy gold sensation. You’re welcome.
  • This weekend I was lucky enough to help The Speakeasy Three on their new video. We shot at Proud Cabaret with some lovely lindy hop dancers and beautiful extras who all looked like Clark Gable. I wanted to marry them all, but I was only here to take care of them. Being an AD is fun! Thanks Matt for the opportunity!
  • Mulled cider is my new love.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with my writings. Tonight, it leads me to blog here while plotting another story in French and thinking about another one in English. But don’t worry, tomorrow I’ll probably decide I’m a lost cause. Yay for being insecure!
  • Brighton is beautiful in winter. And really slippery. (you’ve guessed right, I did some impressive moves and I have even more impressive bruises).
  • I am job hunting again because I want to do something meaningful with my time (and I write at night anyway). Any takers?
  • I am harassing everyone I know with The Nao Of Brown. You should read it, it’s pure art. Trust me.
  • Twenty days till Christmas! Keep your eyes peeled for some festive surprises here (hint : it involves music and food).

Until then, take care and be excellent to each other. x

PS : Have you noticed? It’s snowing on Geek Pessimism! I love wordpress.


6 thoughts on “Brighton Tales, #21 – Baby It’s Cold Outside.

  1. Haa The Nao of Brown ! Je suis obsédée par cette BD depuis la chronique de Pénélope Bagieu sur MadmoiZelle ! J’ai demandé à ce qu’on me l’offre pour mon anniversaire (qui tombe un peu avant Noël) héhé. La dernière BD que j’ai lu, c’était en juillet…

  2. Comment ça, tu n’as pas de rideaux fixés : allez hop, tu files te chercher une vidéo tuto pour apprendre à installer une tringle toute seule comme une grande, non mais ! Sinon OK il fait froid mais Christmas in England > Christmas anywhere in the world :) Dis moi au moins qu’ils passent l’horrible “Walking in the Air” tous les jours à la radio que je ne sois pas trop déçue d’être là-bas !

    • j’attends mes parents pour qu’ils le fassent, je suis une horrible kidult :) – et oui Walking In The Air est en rotation lourde ici, avec All I Want For Christmas Is You. <3 England!!

  3. Ou alors, je viens te fixer tes rideaux et comme ça, tu me prêtes The Nao of Brown ! Tiens, je viens mardi et je pourrai même voir Patrick Wolf :D.


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