Goodbye 2012 – a quick note about things

This is a quick post before the new beginning.

These past few days have been quite challenging (don’t worry, no horrible news!), but with 2012 coming to an end in less than 3h, it’s time to leave the past where it belongs. It’s time to enjoy the moment, no matter what people think or say. This is my own life, let’s go get it.

I can seem very public at times. It’s because I need to tell my fears, so someone can catch it and reassure me. I’m working on it. I am a work in progress, remember?

I guess Geek Pessimism will reflect this, so don’t worry if you see some introspection. Sometimes I like to wrap my thoughts in beautiful words, it’s okay. What you’ll find here in 2013 is a mix of Brighton Tales, Comics reviews, music, games, movies, stuff I love, things I discover…and a bit of my messy brain. And of course, I’m all about sharing and talking. Let’s talk about our feelings.

Are you up for it?

I wish you an amazing New Year’s Eve.



ps : I’m back here on January 2nd. Expect sweetness. Yep.



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