Sugar Coated Life : Five Guilty Pleasures

guilty pleasures (2)

Pop-culture is a weird world, you know. I mean, one day you watch Justice League and you’re “cool”, and the next morning people stab you in the back because you’re addicted to Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger”. It’s even worse when you come from an alt/punk background: Just like high-school cliques, we don’t mix Rancid and Panic At The Disco together. I let you imagine then, how it is to like Pavement and Demi Lovato AT THE SAME TIME.

Right. It’s time for rehabilitation. It’s time to throw the guilt away, people. I come clean. There aren’t only indie comics and obscure bands vinyls at mine. And you know what? I’m proud :

1.Music : Taylor Swift.

Put on my best Sunday dress.

I am probably the most cynical girl around (One of my many nicknames is Daria, not only because of the glasses and the Dr Martens), but secretly, a part of me (okay, a big part) is all about never-ending romances, dates at the movies, champagne on the beach and funfair prizes (future sweethearts, please apply). See, America’s pride Taylor Swift (TayTay) is perfect for my soft side: her dreamy country/pop songs about love are the answer to my sugary, teenage heart. And a girl who writes everlasting love songs about guys she dates for no longer than three months is obviously in my team.

What to listen to : Mine, You Belong With Me, and my all-time favourite, We’re Never Getting Back Together.

2.TV shows: One Tree Hill


On a similar vibe, CW’s hit teen drama is another proud guilty pleasure of mine. I have never missed an episode, and when it ended earlier this year, it was rather emotional. Nine years, you guys! Honestly, this show had everything : the high school, the cheerleaders, the drama, the popular blonde girl who was in fact a music geek, the hot outcast (Chad Michael Murray) who was a writer in the making…And the perfect soundtrack : An entire episode soundracked by The National? Yup. One of the character’s favourite band being The Cure? Check. City & Colour performing in an episode? Done. Hell, Pete Wentz (of Fall Out Boy fame) even played a recurring character! Indie cred : smashed.

What season to watch : Season 3 & 5 are my absolute favourites.

3.Movie : Hairspray (the Disney one)

Hairspray Link

Big confession time, I love musicals like crazy. So, if you put some 60s fun + great dances+ Zac Efron together = I die with happiness. Oddly enough, I’m not really into High School Musical (someone whispers it’s maybe because I’m not twelve anymore), but Zac Efron here is such a great surprise : the boy can actually act, dance and sing beautifully (Ladies Choice, his Elvis moment). But the other guy who got me was Elijah Kelly and his “Run and Take That” song. Soul master at its max! When I went to see it at the movies (for like 1€), I didn’t expect much. I left the venue dancing and with a giant smile on my face. Whenever I’m down or in need of a feel-good moment, I listen to the soundtrack. And I dance the mash potato dance.

Favourite Moments : Link’s Ladies Choice, and “Hairspray”, by the very charming James Mardsen (who turns out to be a pretty good singer)

4.Food : Cupcakes

(c) kupcake_monzter

(c) kupcake_monzter

Right let’s say it for once and for all : A cupcake is not that good. It’s just a muffin with some extra sugary topping who makes your teeth angry at you. You all know it. But for some reasons, mainly due to chic flicks like Sex And The City and the rise of lifestyle blogs (see below), we all thought it’d be the ultimate sweet Heaven. I still do. Sometimes I get caught. I try to escape, but OMG THERE’S BUTTERFLIES ON THIS ONE. AND LOOK, A SMURF ONE. WHOAH CREAM. CHOCOLATE. OREOS.STRAWBERRIES. It’s a joy for our Instagram accounts at least. I love it!

5.Reading : Lifestyle blogs


You have a look at the blog, there’s a woman on the picture. Generally in her mid-twenties. Generally tattooed. She has her hair dyed in a colour your boss wouldn’t approve of (but a colour you absolutely love). Generally from a quiet US town (sometimes Canada!). Generally self-employed (photographer, shop owner, designer, cook, writer …). She loves vintage, has an adorable fiancé/husband she probably met at a Radiohead gig or something, when she was a student. She owns a house. Everything she makes with her hands is just perfect. Everything she describes in her daily posts, from how charming her neighbours are to her latest oil pick up for the car is just perfect. She gives tutorials for these amazing biscuits you’re dying to bake too, because the pictures she took of it are JUST PERFECT. You soon discover she has a lot of friends like her, who invade your daily read with their WordPress, etsy shops and their Pinterest. Rainbow hair colours and hot chocolate recipes. Of course, when you want to bake the same cookies or paint your char in yellow (to give a brighter look to your home, she said it was very nice), it’s just a massive fail. But still. You continue to read. Because her life is a break from your non-vintage, Ikea-fuelled life. But it’s good. Because, guess what, your real life worth it too! (and one day, you’ll bake the perfect cookies. I promise)

My favourites : A Beautiful Mess, Smile & Wave, Skunkboy, The Dainty Squid.

And now I’m about to treat myself with a Nashville marathon. Country-girls, romance and backstage wars, now you know  it’s so me.

Be excellent to each other, folks

Your softie,



PS : feel free to share your own guilty pleasures in the comments ;)


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