Brighton Tales, #23 – Turn The Cards Slowly

I'll never grow tired of the Pier and its arcade/money games. Wayne says Hi.

I’ll never grow tired of the Pier and its arcade/money games. Wayne says Hi.

I originally wanted to write a six months special (Today marks my 6th month in Brighton!), but daily life is busy enough and I’m sure you miss your regular bullet points as much as I do. Carry on then, here’s to another six months!

  • I love January. First of all, it’s my birthday month (Club 27 this year),  but it’s also quiet and yet full of promises : the “end of the year” madness is over, and we now can create new memories, stories and surprises. I usually don’t make resolutions (I never follow them anyway),  but I’m thinking of goals and challenges. I love challenges;  from being able to wear high heels to going to Canada on my own, from being more confident to leaving my Comfort Zone, …there’s a lot to do this year.  I am ready.
  • My ever-growing obsession for Country music now involves listening to Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline on a daily basis.
  • I am also developing a thing for the Pitch Perfect soundtrack. Pop music, my Achilles Heel. The movie is pretty good too, a mix between musical, feel-good movie, witty comedy and romance. Plus, Anna Kendrick. And Rebel Wilson.
  • Writing is going well! The First Novel (capital letters, yes) is slowly but surely coming to an end. I know the worst is yet to come, but I am really proud of myself for finishing it without throwing it away. I hear someone saying “maturity” here. Maybe.
  • Job hunting drives me crazy. But it’s all fun, and I get to see the Brighton suburbs. Practical traveller, me! Of course I obsess over phone calls that never happen, but hey, I’m back in the game.
  • Unexpected Uni reunion with my mate Nessie (the one and only Moshpit Mojito) was quite emotional and filled with laughters. I miss people from my French life! And she brought a galette, so Brighton was like Paris for a moment.
  • January is also this . I may be a DC girl, but I’d convert myself to a Mayan cult if Gillen & McKelvie were involved, so…Yeah,check it out.
  • And January is also a good month for gigs this year! Anberlin, Milo Greene and Mr David Bazan…let’s scream our hearts out, Brighton!

Be excellent to each other, as always.




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