Brighton Tales – The Job-hunt Special!


Because it’s funnier to write about your quests than to anxiously wait for a call or two. (Call Me!)

  • In July, it took me five days to find a job. Just sayin’.
  • Goodbye Ifanboy, A Beautiful Mess and Felicia Day, Hello Monster, Reed and Gumtreee as new daily reads!
  • Reading job ads like kids reading the Disneyland map.
  • Reading job ads pt2 :  9am : excitement over that “probably-my-future-adored-job”. 5pm : Yeah, whatever, you were too far anyway.
  • Recruitment Agencies are like that teacher who always told you you were brilliant, but never actually gave you extra points.
  • Job Centre appointments that last five minutes.
  • Temp agencies not taking hard copies of your CV.
  • Automatically generated reply emails that keep your heart warm.
  • Considering a new career in catering/French cuisine
  • Creating silly hashtags on Twitter (#ajobforveeee, let’s be digital!)
  • Smart or casual smart?
  • I don’t own a car. Bad move.
  • Cover Letter Master Mistress Genius. GENIUS.
  • “Thank you for your application”



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