Geek Playlist #7 – The Feel Good Songs

It’s always about music. When I’m down, when I’m having a crappy day, when my thoughts take me to dark places, music is here.

When I wake up in the morning and I see blue skies, there’s a soundtrack for this. Blue skies are my idea of a feel-good moment.

And planes. And clouds. Feel Good

When there’s no blue sky, I put the music on. These tracks may not inspire the same feelings to everyone. The feel-good moment is sometimes hidden in a chord, in a fade out or in a lyric. Sometimes this moment explodes at 0:41. Sometimes it’s more about the memories than the song in itself. But the result is the same : After listening to these songs, I feel better, more confident. Happy.

This playlist (the first playlist of 2013!) is 100% good feelings, happiness, light-hearts and hopes guaranteed.

Geek Pessimism #7 – The Feel Good Playlist

Be excellent to each other,




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