Brighton Tales, #24 – I’m not going anywhere, I promise

People! Geeksters! Everyone!

I am here!!! I didn’t leave you!

Life has been hectic here, here are some reasons

  • I’m back to College. Well, once a week. It’s a creative writing course, and it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made these last few months. It’s great to be motivated by other writers, and to work on great workshops (photography and memories, diaries, articles…). Really happy
  • I’ve met and chatted with David Bazan (of Pedro The Lion‘s fame) on my birthday. It’s always amazing to meet such genuine and kind human beings on your way. A humbling and unforgettable experience.
  • So yeah, I’m 27.
  • I’ve seen pelicans. They scared me.
  • My job-hunting tales get more and more hilarious: Meeting people who would probably be cast for Gossip Girl or any CW show, being forgotten at an interview, navigating in the snow in unknown suburbs…I should write a book about this. But I’m doing well, guys! I am the optimist.
  • Disappointed with Les Misérables (but loved Anne Hathaway).
  • My Mad Fat Diary is an awesome show, thanks E4!
  • Warm Bodies is out this Friday, and all the zombie-lovers should go and see it. Plus, Nicholas Hoult. Plus, Jonathan Levine directing.
  • Stay tuned for some in-depth articles this month. I should talk about teenage superheroes, Comic Cons and about some guy called Joss Whedon…WP_000445

Be awesome and charming to each other xx




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