[Words] Pen & Paper Girl

Hey everyone,

As you know, I love writing, and I’m now attending a creative writing class here in Brighton. I thought it’d be nice to share my work every now and then. Pen & Paper Girl is my first assignment, where we had to pick a celebrity and create them another life. Thoughts, comments, criticism welcome! Have a great Friday all.


Pen & Paper Girl

She was here, taking orders and smiling. After days of worrying and being on the road, she finally had found her place: A town in North Carolina, a hotel room, and a new dinner looking for more staff. A new life on the go.

Emily Jean Stone (or Emma, as her rare friends would call her) was 25. She was brilliant, fun, sometimes a bit shy, really literate. Redhead. Snow white skin. She had freckles and green eyes. And scars on her body.

She spent the past six months in a hospital.

When the doctors finally released her, Emma took a bus. There was nothing here for her anymore.

The journey was amazing. It was fall, and all the colours were bursting into the fading sun. Emma loved the autumn season, because everything was beautifully falling apart. Just like her mind.

She stopped in Wilson because it was named “The City of Beautiful Trees”. She found a room in an America’s Best Value Inn, and a job at Parker’s. The future was taking shape.

There was something beautiful about new beginnings. There was the promise of hope, of dreams live, of hearts to be fulfilled. Even if right now, it only meant pouring black coffee to workers and neighbourhood mamas. Everything to forget, everything to come clean, again.

The job was somehow relaxing. Locals were curious to know about this new girl in town and Emma created a story where she was a young woman from Arizona looking for a new life. Little white lies. Customers loved her croaky voice. Emma loved their stories and their everyday routine. There was Mo, 8.30 am sharp, orange juice and pancakes. Alvin, 10 am, coffee and refill. Eliza, sweet tea and coleslaw at 11 am, and her children, twins Avery and Ella. These people waiting to confide their secrets, and Emma watching them living a life she often dreamt of. A quiet, simple life, without storms.

Back in her hotel room, she would take her diary, to write her people’s secrets. It was her therapy. She remembered what her psychiatrist would say: “You need to find distractions”. New faces, new stories to tell, to forget her own. Giving life through words was her favourite hobby. Sometimes, Emma would write poems for her new friends. She gained a nickname, “pen & paper girl”.

One day, it was Spring, she left. No one knew what happened to the Pen & Paper girl, but one of her poems is still behind the counter at Parker’s. It reads :

There are words I’ll never forget

Fragile Days and Stormy Nights

Filling hearts with fantasies

So many scars to hide

So many smiles to see




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