[Words] Cinderella Revisited

Friday! Story time! Another assignment for your own entertainment! This time we’ve been asked to chose a tale or a nursery rhyme and to change the point of view in no more than 400 words. As I don’t know any British nursery tale  (shame on me, feel free to teach me some in the comments), Cinderella was my choice. It’ s more light-hearted than my previous work…And it’s a draft. Enjoy!

“We danced together, she lost her shoe, I chased her around the country, and we got married!”

That would be the kind of story I’d tell to our grandchildren. I am not sure I would tell them about my wife’s family, though : Before she met me, Cinderella was living with two mean sisters and her stepmother who forced her to be their maid. She’d lost everything : Her clothes (given to her moody siblings), her room (that her stepmother changed into a “boudoir”), and most of all, her father, who was travelling the country for business and was never home. Yes, my beautiful and brilliant wife (I’m really proud of my wife) was on her own.

So, when my parents decided to throw a ball to find me a good partner for life (seriously, who does that for a twenty-six-year-old Prince? *sighs* my parents do), ‘Ella formed a plan to go to the party…A plan involving asking her stepmother. Not her brightest moment, I have to admit. She said yes, to Ella’s surprise. But on the day, things changed, because they always do : after sabotaging her work to force her to stay home, the mean sisters and the stepmother left to the ball, ignoring a desperate and broken Cinderella lying on the ashes and crying her heart out (she still cries a little when she recalls the moment, the poor thing). It was her only chance to escape her life!  But as she lying was there, covered in dust and tears, her godmother suddenly appeared – That’s a thing, apparently. I mean, my three godmothers still randomly pop in the Castle when I don’t expect them. And they always talk about gifts and spells. Must be Magic- and allowed her to go to the ball, giving her a dress, a coach, and a pair of shoes. The nice lady warned Ella she must come home before midnight or something terrible would happen. Godmothers can be a little old-fashioned sometimes.

And this is where I am introduced in the story, kids! (Just practising. Grandchildren, remember?)

I caught her eyes in the main hall. She seemed so lost yet so happy to be here! And I mean a genuine happiness, not the joy people fake when they crash a rich man’s party. She was so beautiful. I was smitten.

We danced. We talked, and we danced more. And then midnight came, and Cinderella vanished. She ran away! Al she left was her left shoe, on the stairs. I was devastated! But I know I had to find her somehow.

I set up a tour around the country, asking every single girl to try on the shoe. And believe me, I’ve seen horrible things. But then I found her, the perfect match. And all that the kids have to know, is that we still dance together.



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