Brighton Tales, #26 – Why Don’t We Just Dance

Working makes my life busy, but let’s thank the weekend for catching-up with the most important things. Like laundry. Or the Arrow-thon I’m doing at the moment (You spoil, you die). And updating GeekP, of course.

  • I won’t talk about snow.
  • The world goes better : Veronica Mars, The Movie is happening thanks to Kickstarter. Never underestimate the power of fandoms, and the ever-growing importance of crowdsourcing. (For anyone who wonders what Veronica Mars is : aka the best show since Buffy. And it got cancelled after 3 seasons.)
  • Which leads me to this , possibly one of the greatest talks about crowdsourcing. To me, it is the best way to help an artist doing what he/she loves, or making big projects (charity, arts, …) happen. Because, like Amanda F Palmer says, it’s all about connecting with each other.
  • Dublin is happening next week, I am excited.
  • Seeing this band on Thursday at The Hope. Brighton, be there!
  • I am still not over how heartbreaking Saga is. But it’s also brilliant, and makes The Will an interesting and unpredictable character to read. I’m sold, all the time.
  • Bioshock is out soon


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