[Postcard] Dubliner(s).

Told you I was alive.

I spent a few days in Dublin last month. Little brother, movies, music and literature for 3 days? My kind of adventures.

The unexpected nights are always the best ones : We saw Patrick Wolf at The Sugar Club, a tiny venue, for an intimate, acoustic show with an improvised setlist ; a kind of surreal, once-in-a-lifestyle moment, I think. And it was Gareth’s first time seeing Patrick. And I cried during The Magic Position.

I went to the James Joyce Centre and it was a great and humbling experience. Joyce is one of my favourite writers: Having worked on Dubliners at Uni, I fell in love with the way he wrote life and loneliness and people. It was so interesting to see a bit of his life (his connection to Shakespeare & Co in Paris for example, or the big scandal around Ulysses).

Of course I also haunted comics and music shops.

And Dublin’s Disney Store is dreamy.


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