Brighton Tales, #27 – Run me Out

It’s been forever.

But I have news.

  • The First Novel is DONE. Finished, edited, all clean, DONE. I am proud of myself for having finished it (you know, me and the closure thing, we’re not really friends)…Proud I didn’t give up. Proud to give my characters a space to live. And now the “sending to publishers” part begins. Another challenge, but I am ready, as always. Wish me things!
  • I have some new and not so new writing plans to keep me busy until at least 2015. No kidding.
  • I case I spared your twitter with my spam fest, here’s what I’m reading at the moment, and if you’re a Buffy  & Veronica Mars fan, you should have a look.
  • I’m not ID less nymore (long story short, lost my ID, admin nightmare, and now sorted)
  • Also, let’s be serious for a moment, please read what John Walker says about sexism in video games. Such a great, deep and true read. A lot of voices have spoken these last few weeks. I consider myself lucky, the community’s always been rather nice with me, but I’m not naive, a lot of things happen when you’re a woman who happens to like “geeky” things. BUT HEY GOOD NEWS : We can change this. Let’s.
  • Speaking of games. Bioshock is alive. I can’t play it. Woe is me
  • Gig round up! While She Sleeps on Tuesday (23rd) at The Haunt, Jonah Matranga on the 24th at The Windmill, Brixton. Who’s in?
  • Last but not the least, there WILL be a new in depth article soon. I promise. I won’t let you down.

Until then…xx



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