Our Free Comic Book Day 2013


Two of my fellow friends and comic-lovers are taking over Geek Pessimism to share their Free Comic Book Day! Drum roll…

“This was my first Free Comic Book Day and it was really rocking. I thought it was going to be kind of horrible…but it was super nice. I went to Croydon (the house Nosferatu D2 built) as they have both “A Place In Space” (who were awesome and lovely) and Forbidden Planet (who were a bit less awesome and lovely…though they had a good selection of CM Punk action figures). I tried not to make it too obvious that the only thing in life that I care about is “The Punisher” but I’m pretty sure I failed miserably.
fcbd jamie

Free Comic Book Day releases:
The Walking Dead (because it is the greatest thing that has ever happened to paper)
Cable and XForce #1
The Superior Spider-Man No.1 & No.2
The Kill Joys/R.I.P.D./Mass Effect (three comics for the price of none)
Valiant Masters 2013 Showcase Edition (I love you, Valiant…but no H.A.R.D Corps?! Why have you forsaken me?)

2000AD (The greatest comic book of my youth!)

Judge Dredd Classics (See above)”

Long-time friend and Punisher addict Jamie Halliday is from London, UK and runs AudioAntiHero rds.



“FCBD! Well,  what’s not to love! There are comics. Some of which are free… It’s a good time, the Inifinity lead in was pretty cool, even though it is just a random straw from the bale, speaking of Gareths goal wow.. I digress… It was pretty decent, and an event I look forward to, thanks for the random teaser Marvel!

DC gave out the first chapter of the Superman graphic novel they are pushing in time for Man of Steel, I might have gone with the first chapter of All-Star Superman, but thats because its amazing… I guess this chapter kind of means that you continuity hounds have found a precious another graphic novel which is still can in our New 52 world… I for one am just cynical enough to say, thanks for all the Superman graphic novel reprints just in time for the big Hollywood re-debut of the big blue boyscout (please nobody mention returns, that still makes me kind of sick…) Image gave out a book of miniseries about favourite Walking Dead Characters, I could be cynical all over FCBD, but I choose to love it, I hope all those who went into a comic store for the first time get hooked and empty the bank accounts like we do week after week! (P.S. Marvel, if you read this, please stop double shipping comics…, and finally 2000AD, where were you… A coloured story of Judge Deaths debut, I would have been all up in that grill. Sadly it was not meant to be)

In summation, I will say this, I love comics, free ones more than most. But I am a cynical cynical man, and so I hope all those who were enticed by Infinity, Superman and The Walking Dead thanks to a 10 second Avengers clip, some badass trailers and a great TV show will actually stay and give Dave’s Comic’s all of their money. Now! (haha another Marvel in joke is there for those who care to it!)”

Dan Perrin, friend and big inspiration behind my comics posts, is, well, a cynical man and is from Brighton, UK.
Thanks boys!
WP_000875 WP_000872
Here are my picks (yes there’ a Moomin comic, Moomins are awesome, okay?) Also found a Daniel Clowes’ Wilson poster…What can I say, I’m an indie girl after all…
endangered weapon
For a first time, it was a great time! Thanks for all the goodies Dave’s Comics !
Be excellent to each other, and make everyday Comic Book Day… Just like these guys…stark and rhodes


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