Geek Playlist #9 – Country Strong

I don’t know where it comes from (my fascination for sad stories? or the one for bad guys with guitars?) but I do love country, Americana and blues. I know most of the songs are about lost love and stuff, but this is my favourite soundtrack to picture the perfect (secret) life I dream of, usually consisting in a  house in the middle of nowhere (woods or mountains, I’m not too fussy) and a tattooed guy playing guitar on a sofa while I’m writing stories on a typewriter. Yes, I am a cliché.

I also dream of endless music nights in Nashville and Austin, of old bars in Kentucky…Country girl at heart?

Anyway, there’s a collection of songs I love and it’s an excellent excuse to feature the excellent Col. JD Wilkes, the ambassador of Americana, who also released my favourite documentary to date, 7 Signs (watch it, it’s a fascinating journey deep South).

Enjoy, be excellent to each other, and go sing a Whiskey song to the pretty gal outside.

Geek Pessimism #9 – Country Strong




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