Brighton Tales, #29 – On self-publishing.

Nearly a year in Brighton (anniversary on July 9th!) and moving here pushed me to do things I thought I’d never be able to.

Like, singing, or finishing a novel.

Or writing new stories through different media.

It’s another exciting time for me, guys.

I’m from the punk community. Meaning, we create, we share, we hardly make a living, but…we share.

If you look at things, these last few months have been filled with sharing projects all over the web. Crowd-funding is, to me, punk, to a level : it’s sharing with people and making sure what we share is viable. It’s really personal. But at the same time, it’s a safe way to put your art into the world. Who else than your crowd, your backers, your friends you made along the way, who else can understand it better than them?

I digress.

Because self-publishing isn’t crowd-funding.

Self publishing is scary. It means “you’re on your own, sorry, no spare parachute when you land, have a safe journey kid!” before pushing you into the sky.

But it also means DIY.

I’m a punk. DIY is in my DNA, kinda (Two acronyms in one sentence, I know, it’s wrong).

Self-publishing means a worldwide audience, and no compromises (except a lot of editing). To me, it means “this is what I want to share with you, right here, right now”.

It’s like that time when we printed fanzines and put them on the distro merch table. Or when we put on gigs in a local youth centre on  a Saturday night  when we were 18.

I’m setting a date, late July, when a bundle of my stories will be available through Amazon. So you will read and share and discuss and share again, because it’s all about sharing.

I’m really excited to share this with you people!!

Stay tuned. x


5 thoughts on “Brighton Tales, #29 – On self-publishing.

  1. Petit conseil “marketing” pour Amazon qui, par ailleurs, me semble une très bonne chose. Juste après l’avoir mis à un prix bas (genre 1 euro), harcèle tous tes amis/famille/collègues/fac avec des mails + facebook + twitter + demande de partage en insistant très fortement pour que le maximum de personnes achète en un minimum de temps. De cette façon, tu montes dans les top ventes. Ca crée un cercle vertueux. Ensuite, si tu as réussi à monter, tu peux “éventuellement” augmenter le prix.

    • merci pour le tip! j’en ai besoin, je sais pas me vendre haha. Pour le moment ce sera surtout une vitrine, pour montrer que oui j’écris, je ne fais pas des châteaux de galets sur la plage :D
      Ensuite je pensais publier une nouvelle par mois, pour garder le contact…


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