[news] Paper Ghosts.

I never do things in the right order. I ask people to marry me before I befriend them. I work and then I go back to Uni. I buy shoes and then I try them on.

I announced it on Twitter first, then on Facebook, then I set up a page, and a newsletter…But I never announced it properly.


On July 29th (soon!) My first book is out on the Mighty Internet.

It’s called Paper Ghosts, and it deals with people and feelings, and what happens when you’re almost alone, and how your memories never leave you, and what about love and what about past and…

It’s a collection of short stories, five “tracks” from people lives, and a surprise.

Keep your eyes peeled, more infos soon (and Paper Ghosts subscribers will know stuff before everyone else and they get some surprises, so, you know what to do.)

Thanks for following me, even in the wrong order





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