[Music] Eisley – Currents


Eisley’s music has always been fascinating : Toying with dream-pop and alternative anthems since their childhood (Singer / keyboardist Stacy Dupree-King was only 8 when they started), the family five-piece never feared complex arrangements nor whimsical melodies. But Currents is a real and ambitious surprise.

Opening with the title track, a mysterious, catchy and dreamy 4mn-long track fuelled by Stacy’s vocals, Currents is an introspective journey to love and comforting darkness. Tracks like “Drink The Water” or “Blue Fish” benefit from jazzy pianos and drums, while “Save My Soul” is an echo to the band rockier songs on 2011 album The Valley, where powerhouse vocalist/guitarist Sherri Dupree-Bemis sings about a fairy tale redemption ( “I caught your eye and with it you let me know/You won’t bury me, you’re the part that makes me whole”) helped by husband and Say Anything man Max Bemis. And as music is a family business, “Wicked Child” features Merriment , aka the youngest Dupree siblings.

The album is full of gems. “There’s not a moment to undo anything/ life is sifting through like the sands in the hourglass” sings guitarist Chantelle Dupree-D’Agostino, taking the lead for the first time, while Sherri sings about the dark on the beautiful “The Night Comes”, an ode to sleepless nights and loved ones.

Currents is also the result of a grown-up band who doesn’t hesitate to experience other sounds with their side projects (Sucré, Perma) and then brings it back with them for the better. Sucré might be the main influence on this album, with the strings and vocal harmonies layered so beautifully (“Lost Enemies”, “Real World”), and the prominence of piano on the record.

Ending with “Shelter” and its gathering of strings, pianos and peaceful atmosphere, Currents feels like a turning point in Eisley’s career : it reflects a band confident in his sound and at peace with his past. And I’m so looking forward to their future.

Currents LP, Equal Vision rds, 2013

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