Brighton Tales, #30/#31 – On The Future

What an intriguing title for a Tale…

Hi Geeksters!

As you might have noticed, July has been quite a hectic month for me. Paper Ghosts has been released last week and I’m still buzzing/bouncing like crazy.  I want to thank you for your support, you’re amazing!


a sticky note speaks a thousand words

I’ve moved too, which is great, stressful but great. I’m focusing on Heaven Tonight, a novella to be released next year with a handful of surprises if all goes well…

But Geek Pessimism is still alive and kicking!

Just like its author, Geek Pessimism is a constant work in progress…I love writing about pop-culture, I love my comics, I love meeting new and inspiring people, I love sharing  about my projects (and my doubts sometimes…oh it’s a long way)…

Geek Pessimism will reflect all of this.

Reviews (on a more regular basis, I promise)

Interviews (writers, artists, musicians, let’s inspire and be inspired)

Comic-Con reports

Guest posts (get involved, lovers!)

The Infamous Geek Playlists (music is my radar, etc.)

…And thoughts of an aspiring writer

(And pictures of Brighton, because Brighton still blows my mind, a year later. This is true love)

I hope you’ll enjoy the new ride!

Be excellent to each other,


Veeee, who’s not scared of The Future. (Not tonight anyway)


2 thoughts on “Brighton Tales, #30/#31 – On The Future

  1. Hello.
    Nice Blog you have:)
    Brighton,now that does conjure up some super memories for me, as I lived there,in the Marina on a boat for 7 years,The folks are friendly, the Beers fantastic and the :Lanes” and the little Coffee houses I used to frequent are great places to meet up with friends.
    Wish I was still there:(

    James S Bresco
    Authors and Writers Blog

    • Hi!

      Brighton is so amazing. Been here for over a year now and I’m still in awe :) the coffee houses are my favourite places to write, along with the Jubilee Library! there’s such a great vibe in this town!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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