[Comics] Tabatha #1 – Neil Gibson/Caspar Wijngaard

Twisted Dark‘s Neil Gibson strikes again with this Dark Tale in four acts set in L.A.

Warning : May contain violence…and pop-music.


Tabatha follows happy-go-lucky  mail-man Luke, Fin and his girlfriend Baily. Slackers by day, burglars by night, they find what they think is a prop’s builder studio during one of their robbery missions…and the rest involves a sex-doll, blood and a mad scientist lookalike, of course.

There is something fascinating about Neil Gibson’s stories : his obsession with the dark side of the human mind turns his writings into something gritty yet deliciously funny. And while you know something bad will inevitably happen (if you too have been raised with slasher-movies, you know that coming back in an empty room at night doesn’t increase your life expectancy), you can’t help but laugh at the noir jokes the trio throws while robbing/playing in that studio…Bonus points if you feel uncomfortable afterwards. (I did)

Tale of the unexpected, Tabatha starts like a twenty-something comedy and ends with a thriller (and thrilling) twist. From the brilliantly written intro to the gruesome ending, this first issue is full of surprises and little details (mainstream pop references are always good in my book).  Wijngaard’s art is vibrant and adds a certain 90s vibe to the story (his colours really give justice to the city, bright and funny during the day, tense and dangerous at night) while Gibson writes a bunch of likeable characters from page one, and takes the risk of barely introducing the mysterious Tabatha (no I won’t tell you how)…which of course leaves you hanging for more. Good news : issue 2 is available now.

A means to an end, they say.

Tabatha is a Tpub comics and is available on Comixology.



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