Favourites of The Month – 1st Ed. August 2013

(Because sometimes I love too many things, and I feel the need to list them.

Maybe a new regular column, maybe not.)

Favourite Movie : Cold, Eoin Macken


Two brothers who try to understand each other, some big family secrets, rural Ireland and a girl…it’s always about a girl. Kind of.

Gripping, disturbing, moving. fascinating,Cold is the kind of movie that leaves a permanent mark on your mind.  Full of beautiful shots (Macken captures light and shadows with such perfection it’s unreal) and amazing actors (Tom Hopper’s performance is breathtaking, no less. A fragile and lost boy trapped in a giant body, playing with strengths and weaknesses all along), this movie(partly inspired by  Steinbeck’s East Of Eden) is a must-see. Andto keep things indie, it’s been crowdfunded on Indiegogo. DIY never dies.


Favourite album : The Dangerous Summer – Golden Record


“You let the wind breathe down my neck.
I regret and regret till there’s nothing left.

There were patterns.There were shapes in the form of a loss” 
I am jealous of AJ Perdomo’s genius, brutal songwriting. Pop-punk with a soul at its best.

Listen to Knives

Favourite word maker : Richard Milward


I fell in love with Kimberly Clark’s  Capital Punishment over the summer : the story of a young twenty something trying to do some good after her fiancé committed suicide because of her is hilarious, and the book turns into a psychedelic Dante’s Inferno. Delicious, mad, strange, Richard Milward’s style totally won me over.

Favourite announcement : Rival Schools to play an one-off show at The Haunt, Brighton


Punkstatic broke the news last night : NYC’s post-hardcore outfit will play a headline show on November 18th IN BRIGHTON.

My heart is happy.

Be there, lovers.

Meanwhile, a song

Stay excellent to each other x


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