I know it’s like I disappear again, but truth is, I really want to be back on here. I just don’t know under which monitor.

One thing you surely know about me, dear Geeksters, is that I don’t like to choose. And as a dear friend rightly pointed to me recently, Geek Pessimism has been a bit everywhere : reviews, pictures, playlists, personal (sometimes too personal) diary, writing challenges…hell, I’ve even posted recipes on here!

Let’s focus.

we have two options here : Geek Pessimism can be strictly about reviewing the comics/ sci-fi / pop-culture world.

Or it can be a lil’ more personal, about writing, about my life in Brighton and  abroad, about current projects and sneak peeks…With a personal review or two, and playlists, because you can’t change me, really.

This is the moment I ask you for your opinion, because you’re the readers after all.

So, what do you want to read here?

Comments open. Let’s get this party started.

Stay excellent to each other x


5 thoughts on “Question

  1. I like it just the way it is… it’s you. And you are awesome. Therefore, this is awesome.
    If you *really* wanna change something, maybe set an order/special day for the reviews etc? And just post the personal stuff whenever? :)

  2. IMHO You don’t have to change a single bit because that’s what suits you best, however a little tiding up could be great for creativity. Settle a schedule of things to posts on specific days. It kinda helps, you should keep both things and at the same time focus on what’s truly worthwhile. Do what ever you want to do as long as your heart and guts say it’s worth.


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