[Words] About Heaven Tonight


Hi guys!

It’s been a while, I know. I’m working on Heaven Tonight (the difficult task of drafting while having 10 different ideas at once) and still determined to publish it mid-2014.  Cross your fingers and toes!

For people who discovered my work with Paper Ghosts, let’s say it’ll be a bit different. It’ll be longer, for a start! Heaven is a novella/novelette from point A to point B.  It’s a new adventure, giving life to a main character and watching her evolve and live around people and words.

But, if you liked the music…You’ll be pleased :

Heaven goes on tour to promote an EP of hers, called Here we Are.

And you, my friends (and lovely readers), will be able to get that EP digitally!

Yup, I’m going to record these songs and put it on Bandcamp! Heaven’ songs are a big part of the story, and it feels just right to give them a proper life around here.

We’ll see about book bundles and stuff nearer the time, but I’m thinking about something along the lines of a free download with the book or something.

Really excited to share this new adventure with you people!

Until then, be excellent to each other. xx


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