Brighton Tales, #32 – Get Into The Groove

Did you miss the bullet points? I certainly did. I also need to update more…nearly lost the domain because I forgot to renew it. Oh, Veeee.

  • I’m leaving my job to attend a course in sub-editing here in Brighton. Yay books and InDesign and stressful times! I live for these moments, though.
  • I’m a regular Geeks Unleashed contributor! Comics and TV goodness, with the occasional movie review. Go Us!
  • Brighton is cold again but my flat isn’t. Success!
  • Met Jane Espenson last month during Hallowhedon, I may be posting about it soon.
  • Sigur Ros at The Brighton Centre is my gig of the year
  • Remember when, in January, I wrote about taking chances and risks and all that stuff? It pays off. Trust me.
  • Working on stuff I may be able to show early 2014, Heaven included.
  • Happy places all around.
  • Image

Be excellent to each other, as always xxx


2 thoughts on “Brighton Tales, #32 – Get Into The Groove

  1. Sigur Ros à Brighton, ça a l’air beaucoup plus intimiste que Sigur Ros à Paris. Mais quand même plus beau concert de ma vie. (même si ma culture dans ce domaine est très limité^^)


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