On The Fifth Day Of Christmas…


On the fifth day of Christmas, I was getting ready for work when I heard a knock on the door.

Before I could even run through the stairs,  the knock vanished, and a package was here, on the floor.

With a note.

“Thanks for the words. I’m still the music.


A mixtape. Called “Christmas Time“. With tunes from Taylor Swift, Perma, Weezer or The Ronettes.

Howie, the little music geek, riding Brighton on his bike, lost in his heartbreak memories. We shared a lot, Howie and I. When we first met on paper, he was supposed to flick through his mp3, walking along the sea. But then he wanted to be on the move, so I listened and he rode, he rode with his past and his future to come. We shared a lot of music, because it’s the only way we seemed to communicate with the world. I gave him an open ending. He gave me a mixtape.

Happy Christmas Howie.

And happy Christmas to you, readers!!!


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Good Luck!!!!

Happy Christmas everyone !


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