Goodbye 2013 – Pictures and Thoughts


2012 was the year of adventures, but 2013 has been the one with the most changes, both in my personal and writer life.

Here are my highlights :


  • I published a book. And with that, allowed myself to be called a writer. The best is yet to come!
  • I recently left my desk job to pursue writing and journalism.
  • Amanda Fucking Palmer in Brighton. Never hugged so many people in my entire life.
  • Met David Bazan, Jane Espenson, Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie. Inspiring people.
  • Pop-Up Pirate with Brad Bell
  • Saw Finch live. My 16 yo self thanked me.
  • Eisley have released the album of the year
  • New friends, new people who inspire me. It was meant to be.
  • Saw Paramore live for the first time in seven years (Thanks James)
  • Saw John Mayer live. What a man! (thanks Dana)
  • LSCC is the best Con.
  • Hallowhedon is always the best October weekend.
  • France finally accepts that “love knows no boundaries”
  • I really like Ireland.



2014, I ain’t scared.

Be excellent to each other. xx


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