[Contest] Be My Valentine!

Well, I’m not going to ask you to be my Valentines this year, mostly because it would be weird, and you know, not practical at all (unless we all gather at Pizza Hut and order a giant cheese and pineapple pizza…Now that’s a plan!).
But I feel very romantic these days. I blame the Taylor Swift gig I went to last Saturday for that. Nothing better than confetti’s and songs about heartbreaks to make you feel like a romantic heroine.

(this is me walking off the London’s  O2 arena last week)

I feel romantic and I want to share stuff with you readers, because, heck, it’s Valentines soon and half of us will frantically look for something to buy for our sweethearts, while the other half will eat Cookie Dough ice-cream while watching Love Actually for the 125th time. Been there, done that.
So this Valentines, one of you will get some words…It’s called “Chase Dream“, and it comes with a surprise!
Just sign up to my newsletter and I’ll pick one of you. Feel free to pass it on to friends, on twitter, facebook, etc…The more, the merrier!
Competition ends on February 13th. I’ll notice the winner via email on Valentine’s Day!

Are you ready for this?

Let the romance begin



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