What Now?

I know writing a blog on a Sunday morning is not a good idea for traffic, but let’s face it, I’ve never understood these things, and I doubt I will one day. I just write.

Writing has been quite hectic these past few weeks, mainly because I was focusing on non-fiction, writing pieces for Readwave and other places, and it made me realise how much I missed creating stories. I am back on the contest scene, sent a short-story and kept my fingers crossed, and I am writing a new one at the moment. And my next full-length is still alive.

I didn’t abandon you, readers. I don’t know when I’ll publish the next book. I can only tell you it won’t be a collection of short-stories; for the first time, you’ll read about a main character. But I am very slow. One thing I learnt by dropping Heaven Tonight is, I need to stop putting pressure on myself, and I need to stop imposing myself impossible deadlines and constraints.

It doesn’t mean I am lazy. The real world called me back a few months ago and I work hard. I travel a lot, too. I read and watch a lot of sci-fi, and my interest in theology is growing again. I would love to take another class in Creative Writing because I feel the need to be challenged. I also do French tutoring and I really enjoy witnessing my student’s progress, and it’s something I want to explore more, as a volunteer or other, who knows?

All these things fuel my creativity, and I have characters waiting to be written, when the time comes. As for the existing ones, their path might change. I don’t know. Things here are very quiet and very exciting at the same time. There are a lot of possibilities and I am eager to try them all. Is it adulthood?

Anyway. I am still here.



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