Goals, Revised Version

If you remember, I’ve made a post in January listing my goals for 2014.

Six (!) months later, it’s time to revise!

keep writing and publishing” 

One thing I am very proud of. Between January and now, I have written 11 articles for Readwave , 17 for Geeks Unleashed and have been published in Cult Noise . Although I am taking some time off (real life, see below), it’s not *too* bad, and I should think about it everytime I kick myself for “not being legit.” Long story.

Flash-fiction is the perfect format for me when it comes to fiction. Three stories have been appearing on this website (here) and I have also been sending unreleased stories to contests.

“Two books this year? I can do it!” said January me. Dropping Heaven Tonight won’t help on that one, but I am very happy to announce that I am working on a full length (read: a novella), called Lights (working title), and you can follow the progress on the menu  (extra pressure on myself so I can deliver. Vanessa’s logic.) It’s a dark fantasy tale. I am having fun writing it. To be continued.

Meanwhile, I promised myself to finish every single draft left on my laptop this year. I like challenges.

Setting up a couple of hours per day to focus on my stories… And sticking to it.

The tough one. I am getting better at storing ideas during the week and being glued to my desk on weekends. Maybe not ideal, but I have 28 years of mess and disorganisation behind me. One step at a time. I am also learning to mix tasks: blogging, writing an article and writing fiction is getting work done!

How to define my writings.

“Young stories for people who like it short”: sharp writings about young adults, for young adults (and the older kids).  They may be messed up, they may be lost, loud, stubborn, too shy, too outgoing, but their heart is in the right place. Whether they’re in this world mourning lost loves, conversing with ghosts or fighting in a magical land.

part-time sub, part-time writer!

More like, “full-time admin, weekend writer!” Because paying the rent is important too, I actually have two jobs. But hey, I am graduated now, so it’s not so bad. I still have six months, right? RIGHT?

listen to myself

There’s a dilemma: I hear a lot of fear in myself. I haven’t decided if it was a good thing yet.

Let’s take some risks!

Who’s the girl who climbed a cliff in Seven Sisters even if she was terrified of heights? Or the one who signed up for a 5K run  though she was the worst in P.E? Or the one who sends pitches to editors? Yup.


3 out of 6 goals. And 2014 is not over yet!





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