Book Club

This summer is one of these amazing times when I devour stories during the weekend. And it stays with me long enough to think about it at night (and to think about characters and their flows, and to talk about them as if they were real. Don’t ask)

I thought I’d share the latest books I’m reading at the moment.


Dystopia – Anthony Ergo

You probably saw me raving about it on Twitter or Readwave. Dystopia is a great coming-of-age story, with a touch a supernatural and some real spooky scenes. You’ll love Sasha Hunter and her battle with ghosts.


Slated – Teri Terry

I picked this book because the blurb reminded me of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. Got addicted to Kyla’s story and the scary world she lives in. It’s fast, clever and full of very interesting characters. Read Slated in 24h and now on my way through the sequel, Fractured. It’s so good!

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

I’m waaaaaaayyy behind the buzz, but the book was only £1.50 at my local charity shop so I’d though I’d give it a go. I read it in two afternoons. I loved part one and two (that twist! so clever), a little less in love with part three. I felt frustrated, the story rushed and Nick gave up way too quickly for me. But hey, dysfunctional relationships curse, I guess. Also, I can’t wait to see the movie just because they cast Neil Patrick Harris as Desi. I have been recommended to read Ms Flynn’s other books too, we’ll see.


The Weight of Souls – Bryony Pearce

The newbie! Ms Pearce was at the last YALC Convention in London last month, but I somehow missed her (and she was cosplaying as Firefly’s Kaylee. Unlimited kudos). I read  chapter one of The Weight of Souls online and quickly ordered it, only to leave my copy at work on Friday night. Because I’m a bit nuts, I’ve read half the book at my local library yesterday while waiting for friends. There’s a teenage outcast, a curse, ghosts, and a mysterious secret society involved in this book. Hell to the yeah.


On my list

Crazy Comes in Threes – Elizabeth Barone

I have been reading Elizabeth’s stories since Sade On The Wall, and it’s always a pleasure to read her. Her characters are always great, interesting and real. She is sending me a signed copy of Crazy Comes in Threes and I am a very, very excited fangirl at the moment.


If you have read these books, let me know what you think, and we can argue over favourite characters!





3 thoughts on “Book Club

  1. Oh my gosh, I want to read the first three! My To Read shelf is just getting fuller and fuller this week, haha. I use other people’s books as rewards for writing my own. I guess I’m going to have to get crackin’!

    Thank you for the shout out! I really hope you enjoy Crazy Comes in Threes. :)

    • I’m glad it’s summer and the gigs/conventions season is quieter, so I can read ALL THE THINGS. Dystopia and Slated are my favourites :)
      And I’m sure I will! I’m also going to read ESX and I can’t wait to read the Natalie trilogy :)
      (And I write in between, I swear!)


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