Holidays! I have been waiting for this week, just me and the other-half and movies, TV shows (A really intense Agents of Shield marathon for example), and catching up on writing (I have a notebook full of bullet points and plots waiting to be drafted)

Speaking of bullet points…

  • It’s National Short Story Week! You can download Grey Days for free with the code XK67A on Smashwords. It ends on Sunday 23/11. Treat yourself.
  • “You won’t write perfectly—but you will be writing. And that, after all, is your goal.” I am not really the kind to rave about self-help and other writers tricks, but Jill Epson‘s weekly newsletter really helps in its quiet way. She won’t ask to pay for stuff, or to subscribe to some expensive seminar or whatever. Just simple ways to fall in love with writing again.
  • two months old, but gold: Why reading Comics matters by Neill Cameron

Have a good week people, see you soon for more written adventures.




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