Why Do I write #1 – Anthony Ergo

Four Weeks. Four Mondays. Four Authors. Why Do I Write is a series of thoughts written by indie authors I read, like and admire. 

Anthony Ergo and I met at YALC (Young Adult Literature Convention) in London last year, when he was promoting his debut novel, the deliciously gripping Dystopia. Now writing his second series, Plague Risers, Anthony kindly agreed to share why he puts words on paper. Thanks a lot Anthony!

dystopia coverplague risers cover 4

“Why do I write?”
Simply put, I write to tell a story. It starts with an idea – a “what if?” question. In my latest novel, Plague Risers, that question was: “What if the Black Death during the Middle Ages didn’t just kill people? What if it turned them into something else?” A single question soon leads to many others (such as “how would a primitive society without modern medicine, weapons and communications cope?”) I consider myself a visual writer, and I imagine my story unfolding before me, like on a cinema screen. Very early in the process, I’ll discover a particular character who I strongly relate to and whose story I want to explore the most. In my debut Young Adult novel, Dystopia, Sasha was not originally the main character but I soon realised that the story wanted to follow her journey.
I find writing to be quite an addictive process, particularly when I pen the first draft of a novel. I feel compelled to get the story down and excited to reach the end. I always start with a plot outline but I never hold myself to it. Some of my favourite ideas and twists have developed on-the-fly and I like that idea that my story can evolve in the moment and as it hits the paper.
Most of all, I write because I enjoy it. If others do too, that’s a great bonus.

anthony ergo

Anthony Ergo is an English writer and musician. You can read more on http://www.anthonyergo.com/
or on Amazon


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